GSTR 1 Return- A Simple guide to GSTR 1

All the registered business under GST are required to file monthly, quarterly, and/or annual GST returns depends on the type of business they are doing. Usually, a taxpayer has to file two returns per month one GSTR 1 and the other is GSTR 3B. In this post, we will explain a simple guide to GSTR 3B return.

GSTR 1 Return

The Goods and Service Tax Return 1 (GSTR 1 Return) is a document that every regular taxpayer has to file every month or quarter. It needs to be file even when there is no transaction during the month/quarter. Now let us understand all aspects of GSTR 1.

What is GSTR 1 ?

In simple words, GSTR 1 is a sales return that is required to be filed by the regular taxpayers under the GST regime. In this return, the taxpayer is required to declare outward supplies or sales of the registered business.

Who should file GSTR 1 or applicability of GSTR 1 return?

GSTR 1 must be filed by every registered taxpayer (except given below), it has to be filed even if the taxpayer has had no transaction in a month. However, this return is not applicable to the following persons.

⚫ Composition Vendors

⚫ Non-resident Taxable Person

⚫ Input Service Distributors

⚫ Taxpayer liable to deduct TDS

⚫ Taxpayer liable to collect TCS

⚫ Suppliers of OIDAR

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What is the GSTR 1 due date or GSTR 1 last date of filing?

The due date of GSTR 1 return is based on the annual turnover, it can be monthly or it can be quarterly filing. The same is given here-

Annual TurnoverFilingGSTR 1 Due Date
Above Rs. 1.5 CroreMonthly11th of the next month
Below Rs. 1.5 CroreQuarterly (Optional)The last date of the month succeeds the quarter

How to File GSTR 1?

The GSTR 1 return can be filed online or offline, for both the purposes we have separate video tutorial, the same is given here-

Filing of GSTR 1 offline- For filing of GSTR 1 through offline mode, you need to download offline utility. For this purpose, you can watch the below video tutorial.

Source- GSTN Portal

Filing of GSTR 1 online- For filing of GSTR 1 return online mode, you can watch the below video tutorials.

Video 1– Familiarizing with different sections of GSTR 1

Source- GSTN Portal

Video 2– For Adding invoices to GSTR 1

Source- GSTN Portal

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GSTR 1 NIL Return Filing- NIL return of GSTR 1 can be filed through SMS, it is the easiest way to file NIL GSTR 1 Return, for this purpose you can watch the below video-

Source- GSTN Portal

What is the late fee for GSTR 1 Return?

Currently, the late fee for GSTR 1 late filing is Rs. 50 per day and Rs. 20 per day in case of NIL return and originally the late fee is Rs. 200 per day in case of delay (Rs. 100 for CGST Act and Rs. 100 for SGST Act).

The late fee will be chargeable from the date after the due date.

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Some Other Important points of GSTR 1 return?

⚫ In GSTR 1, there will be only feeding of outward supplies and there is no payment of tax, the same needs to be paid in GSTR 3B.

⚫ GSTR 1 need to filed even in case of NIL data.

⚫ Composition dealers are not required to file GSTR 1 and they are required to file quarterly return.

⚫ The verification of GSTR 1 can be done through OTP, or a DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) of the authorized person.

Some Important FAQ for GSTR 1!

  • Is filing of GSTR 1 quarterly is mandatory?

    No, taxpayer can opt to file on monthly basis.

  • Is it possible to revise GSTR 1 ?

    No, GSTR 1 once filed can’t be revised.

  • I have no sales or purchases in a month. Should I still file GSTR 1?

    Yes, GSTR 1 has to be filed compulsorily by every registered person even if there are no transaction in a month/quarter.

  • Should I need to file state-wise GSTR 1? (In case of more than 2 GST number.)

    Yes, for each GST no. there will be separate GSTR 1 filing.

  • Can I upload invoice only while filing the return?

    No, you can upload invoices anytime. It is advised to upload invoice on regular intervals and avoid bulk upload at a time. It is because bulk upload take a lot of time.

  • Can I change a bill uploaded on poral?

    After uploading, you can make changes to the bill multiple times and there is no restriction on changing invoices (only before submitting the return). Once the return is submitted the numbers are frozen.

  • Can I file GSTR 3B without filing of GSTR 1?

    No, both the returns are separate returns and need to be filed separately.

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