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After making an IPO subscription application, it is required to check the allotment status of IPO, Here in this post, we will discuss how to check IPO status online.

How to check IPO status

For checking the status of IPO online, you need to have a registered name, PAN Number, and application number. There are many ways to check the status of an IPO online, out of which are given hereunder this post.

BSE Website- IPO Status Check

As per the circular of SEBI, BSE has made available the facility to check the IPO application status by the investor on the official website. It requires the investor to visit the official website and enter the name, PAN No. and application no. After adding the required details the system will show you the application status along with the bid id, number of shares, price, etc.

NSE Website- IPO Status Check

Similar to BSE, investors can also check their IPO application status through the NSE website. You can check NSE IPO allotment status by visiting their official website. Here you need to enter your registered name along with the PAN number and application status.

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IPO status check through Demat a/c

Here you need to visit the broker website/app from which you have made the application of IPO e.g. Upstox, Angel Broking, Zerodha, etc., and need to check the IPO section, where you can check the current status.

Registrar website for check status

In order to check the allotment status of any IPO, you need to visit the official website of the registrar of that company. Here you need to check the IPO allotment section, which is provided in the website.

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Best and easy way to check the status of IPO allotment

How to check IPO Status- The best way to check IPO allotment status is the LINK INTIME website. On the website, there are 3 options given through which you can check the IPO status. The 3 options are through PAN no., through application no., and through DP Client ID.

Current IPO status check

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How to check IPO status
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