GST Alert: How to Download July 2017 GSTR3B and GSTR 1 Data

Update: July 2017 return data removed from GST Portal

GST Portal is notified vide Section 146 of the CGST Act 2017 which facilitates all the compliance support under GST.

Now on 1st August 2020, Return Data for July 2017 has been removed from the GSTN portal and will not available for viewing.

No were in law it is mentioned that GSTN would preserve data for 3 Years only but while viewing the Electronic Liability Register the Portal is showing “Maximum period for viewing ledger is 3 years”.

The government has without any prior notice started removing the option to view and download the GSTR 3B, GSTR 2A and GSTR 1 return. Even though you can’t view electronic credit and cash ledger for the same period.

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Is there any way to get these return for future reference

Yes, we have a temporary solution to download the return for the month of July 2017.

Solution: How to Download July 2017 GSTR3B and GSTR 1 Data

Download July 2017 GSTR3B and GSTR 1- Now July 2017 return data can be assessed through the below-mentioned path.

Services ➡️ Return ➡️ View Filed Return ➡️ Select FY ➡️ Select Return Filing Period ➡️ Select Month ➡️ Select Return Type ➡️ View/Download

Note:- This will only work for GSTR -3B & GSTR- 1

But we are not sure how long period it will be available for download in this way. Therefore It is advisable that you make sure that you have download all the returns for each year along with the electronic cash & credit ledger and keep it in a separate file which will be very helpful for future reference.

Disclaimer:- The information contained in the above article solely for informational purpose after exercising due care however on the basis of readers feedback, GSTR 3B showing NIL data in some cases and GSTR 1 showing proper data.

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Compiled by- CA Chirag Agarwal (Practicing Chartered Accountants)

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