Best Electric Vehicle Stocks

Considering the bright future of electronic vehicles in India, here is the list of Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in India.

People have recently begun to recognize the need for electric vehicles in India. Alarming rates of emission and skyrocketing fuel prices are driving the adoption of electric vehicles.

As per the recent report, by 2023, all three-wheelers will be batteries powered and the majority of two-wheelers will follow suit by 2025. With the Indian Government’s heightened focus on green mobility, it is realistic to expect the EV market to grow and expand India’s electric car fleet. With such development in India’s EV market, this year can be considered the optimal period to invest in electric vehicle stocks in India.

Higher levels of best electric vehicle stocks in India and Indian electronic vehicle component stock for battery manufactures would result from the fresh capital inflow.

List of Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in India 2021

You might be familiar with many names like TATA Motors and Ashok Leyland, but there are other players who are also exhibiting opulent growth. Let’s find out the Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in India that fit your pocket and hold the potential to exceed your expectations in terms of earning. Here is the list of Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in India 2021

CompanyCMP (Rs.)Market Cap (Rs. Cr.)
Mahindra & Mahindra Limited786.3097752
TATA Motors Limited294.2097683
Maruti Suzuki Limited7001.95211515
Ashok Leyland Limited131.3538558
Exide Industries Limited 167.2014212
TATA Power Limited 130.0541555
Amara Raja Batteries Limited723.4012356
Minda Industries Limited 719.1020538

Details of Best Electric Vehicle Stocks in India 2021

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

The future expansion into the electric vehicle market, especially concerning battery development, is expected to be managed by Mahindra & Mahindra Limited.

Mahindra has introduced two new compact urban electric car models: the Mahindra e2o and the Mahindra e2o Plus. Stocks in Mahindra & Mahindra Limited can represent an excellent investment opportunity right now.

TATA Motors Ltd.

Tata Motors currently sells three hybrid vehicles: the Tigor EV, Nano EV, and Tiago electric. Projected to dominate the EV market as it is growing its R&D globally and in India. Besides automobiles, Tata Motors manufactures some of the nation’s most numerous heavy-duty electric buses, dump trucks, and military vehicles in India.

Maruti Suzuki Limited

By mid-2021, the company plans to introduce an electric version of the famous Maruti Suzuki wagon R. By that time, it is prudent to keep a close eye on Maruti Suzuki’s share price.

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Ashok Leyland Limited

The Hinduja group’s flagship company, Ashok Leyland, has a long history in the domestic medium and heavy commercial vehicle (M&HCV) industry. The company has a strong brand name and a well-diversified distribution and service network across the country.

It permits vehicles to fit on Indian highways, making it ideal for heavy-duty electric vehicles. Circuit, Circuit S, and HYBUS are just a few of Ashok Leyland’s iconic launches. Ashok Leyland will disrupt the heavy electric vehicle segment in India with ABB TOSA technology.

Exide Industries Limited

In India, Exide Industries Ltd is primarily involved in the production of storage batteries and related products. The firm is India’s leading storage battery manufacturer, dominating practically every category in the automotive, industrial, and submarine industries. Currently, the automotive industry generates 73% of the segment’s revenue, followed by industrial (26%) and submarine (3%).

TATA Power Limited

Tata Power Ltd’s primary business is the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. In the future, the company intends to shift its capacity concentration away from thermal sources and toward clean energy sources. It aims to increase the share of clean and green capacity to 60% of its total capacity by 2025, 80% by 2030, and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by phasing out thermal projects.

Amara Raja Batteries Limited

Amara Raja Batteries, India’s second-largest battery producer, is planning to open a Lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant soon. In partnership with the Delhi government, the company plans to construct many charging stations. Amara Raja Batteries will be a big player in India’s electric vehicle stocks, making it an ideal stock to keep an eye on.

Also Know About

Minda Industries Limited

World’s best performing Indian auto parts maker Minda Industries will get a boost from the electric vehicle market. The company is in touch with original equipment manufacturers for possible EV-compatible systems and is evaluating existing products to see how they will fit into the market. The company has already increased the R&D costs to enter the electric vehicle segment to capitalize on the opportunity.

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