National Stock Exchange Trading Holidays Calendar 2021 in India

NSE or National Stock Exchange is open on weekdays from Monday to Friday and is remains closed on Sunday and Saturday, except for any special trading sessions are announced. Apart from weekly holidays, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India also remains closed on national and state holidays.

Here is the complete list of NSE Trading Holidays 2021, It is basically a trading holiday calendar.

NSE Trading Holidays 2021- Trading Holidays Calendar

The year 2021 will have 13 national stock exchange holidays including 5 extended weekends because of holidays failing either on Monday or Friday. Check out the complete list of NSE Trading Holidays 2021 in India.

S. No.DateDayHolidays
1January 26, 2021TuesdayRepublic day
2March 11, 2021ThursdayMahashivratri Day
3March 29, 2021MondayHoli
4April 02, 2021FridayGood Friday
5April 14, 2021WednesdayDr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti
6April 21, 2021WednesdayRam Navami
7May 13, 2021ThursdayId-ul-Fltr (Ramzan Eid)
8July 21, 2021WednesdayId-al-Adha (Bakri-Id)
9August 19, 2021ThursdayMuharram
10September 10, 2021FridayGanesh Chaturthi
11October 15, 2021FridayDussehra
12November 04, 2021ThursdayDiwali
13November 19, 2021FridayGuru Nanak Jayanti
NSE Trading Holidays 2021

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National Stock Exchange Holidays falling on Sunday/Saturday

Following NSE Trading Holidays 2021 Falling on Saturday and Sunday-

S. No.DateDayHolidays
1April 25, 2021SundayMahavir Jayanti
2May 01, 2021SaturdayMaharashtra Day
3August 15, 2021SundayIndependence Day
4October 02, 2021SaturdayMahatma Gandhi Jayanti
5December 25, 2021SundayChristmas

All the holidays listed above are only the observed data and not the actual date. For example- If Christmas Day falls on a weekend many stock exchanges will close on the Friday before or the Monday after. Exchange sometimes closes multiple days for a holiday or has modified hours instead of fully closing.

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About National Stock Exchange

The NSE is an Indian Stock Exchange, It is the first stock exchange to introduce a computerized trading system in the country. In the year 1994, the National stock exchange started its operations. World Federation of Exchanges recognized it to be the largest stock exchange in terms of yearly equity trading turnover. The exchange provides a fully integrated digital trading module consisting of data feed offerings, technology-oriented services., settlement and clearing services, Online Trading services, services for financial literacy, etc.

Timing of National Stock Exchange (Share Market) in India

For trading in the stock market, you need to be aware of the stock market timing. Trading in the stock market can only be taken place during a specific time interval in India.

As per the normal stock market timing, the market opens at 09:15 AM and closes at 03:30 PM. There is a pre-open session before 09:15 AM and a post-closing session after 03:30 PM. Here are the details of share market timing in India.

From 09:00 AM to 09:08 AMDuring these 8 minutes, the order of any transaction can be placed and the order placed can be modified.
From 09:08 AM to 09:12 AMThe timing is responsible for the price determination of security and in this 4 minute time you can not place/modify the order. This section is necessary so that price matching (Comparing demand and supply) can be performed.
From 09:12 AM to 09:15 AMThis is like a connection between pre-open and real open market timing. Here you can not place/modify the order.
From 09:15 AM to 03:30 PMThis is the normal session of the Indian Stock Market Timing. At this time you can freely place orders, modify the order, etc. There is no limitation of the stock market.
From 03:30 PM to 03:40 PMIn these 10 minutes, the closing price of the securities is calculated by taking the weighted average of the stock market traded between 03:00 PM to 03:30 PM.
From 03:40 PM to 04:00 PMIn these 20 minutes sessions, you can still place buy or sale orders but the orders are confirmed only if there are sufficient numbers of buyers and sellers in the market.

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