10 Best Pharma Company Stocks To Invest in India 2021

The pharmaceutical industry in India is one of the most developing and prominent sectors in the global market. In the current scenario, it is the worldwide leader in providing generic medicines. Therefore it is one of the biggest hubs of pharmaceuticals companies and in India, investors can choose from various pharma stocks to buy. The below article will highlight the 10 Best Pharma Stocks to Buy in India.

Pharma Company Stocks

The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops produces, and markets drugs. Despite the uncertainty, pharmaceuticals companies may be appealing to long-term investors. The Indian share market witnessing volatility as the second COVID-19 wave is causing but pharma companies can be attractive for long-term investors in spite of the volatility.

With the ever-rising industry size and healthcare becoming a critical part of life, investors can make goods returns if they invest at the right time.

Best Pharma Stocks to Buy in India 2021- The pharma sector is one of the most loved sectors in the Indian stock market. The top 10 companies leading to the pharma sector are Sun Pharma, Divis Laboratories, Dr. Reddy’s Lab, Cipla, Cadila Healthcare, Lupin, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Piramal Enterprises, Abbott India, and Glenmark Pharma.

Best Pharma Stocks to Buy in India 2021

Pharma CompanyMarket Cap (Rs.)P/E Ratio
Sun Pharma1.66LCr.68.88
Divis Laboratories1.07LCr.57.23
Dr. Reddy’s Lab86.10TCr.39.75
Cadila Healthcare63.32TCr.34.27
Torrent Pharmaceuticals 46.17TCr.37.17
Piramal Enterprises36.64TCr.285.44
Abbott India34.21TCr.52.70
Glenmark Pharma17.19TCr.18.05

Why You Should Invest in Pharmaceuticals Stock?

Investors should look to pharma stocks for their potentials to reap solid long-term returns that outperform the broader market. Because of the growing scale of the industry and the fact that healthcare is becoming a more important part of people’s lives, investors will make good money if they invest at the right time. We bring to you 10 reasons why you should invest in pharmaceuticals stock in India-

  • Hub of Generic Brand
  • Manufacturer of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (APIs)
  • Pharma Vision 2021 Project
  • Home of Best Pharma Companies
  • Domestic Turnover
  • Third Largest Market
  • Lower Cost of Manufacturing
  • Increase in Export Growth
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • FDIs in Brown Field Pharma

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